Free Computerized Water Testing

Accurate testing of your pool and spa’s water is an essential step in the regular maintenance of your pool or spa. Frequent use or heavy rainfall depletes essential elements and can alter the chemistry of your water.

TLC Pools has state of the art water testing equipment to analyze your pool and spa’s water and determine all that is needed to help you maintain optimal water chemistry. We have two water test stations available for you to have your water tested while you wait. We will generate a custom, computerized report of your pool or spa's water content to detail exactly what steps are needed to balance your pool.

Don't take chances on inaccurate or incomplete chemistry results that could leave your pool and spa’s water unbalanced and uncomfortable to swim in. This can also cause the customer to purchase unnecessary pool and spa chemicals. Here at TLC Pools, we will only sell you what is needed to maintain the health and safety of your pool and spa. Our water testing services are FREE of charge, so bring in your sample as often as you like.