Liner Replacements

TLC Pools specializes in quality custom liner replacements. Each liner replacement is carefully measured directly by trained professionals from the liner manufacturer to ensure a tailor made fit.

We carry the complete line of Loop-Loc In-ground Pool Liners, with more than 30 elegant designer patterns, including the Luxury Liner Series. The following are the service we provide when performing a liner replacement for you:

  • Pump down pool
  • Remove liner and foam
  • Cart away all debris
  • Retrowel sand bottom
  • Install new wall foam
  • Install new face plates and gaskets on skimmers, returns, main drain and light
  • Install new liner track, if necessary
  • Install 28 gauge liner, your choice of colors and patterns
  • Fill pool with water from purchaser’s house supply

With a seemingly endless array of liner patterns, colors, textures and borders to choose from, making a choice of what liner to get can seem daunting.

Choosing the right liner is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when planning your pool liner replacement, and it will affect the appearance of your pool and its surroundings. Let the expert staff of TLC Pools help guide you in making the right decision for your liner replacement.

We urge you to browse our Liner Selection Guide to help you choose the right pattern, color, texture and border for your pool, and then stop in to TLC Pools to speak with one of our liner experts, who can help and give you some tips and recommendations based on our 25 years experience to make the right choice that not only suits your budget and needs, but satisfies your personality and style. Please feel free to stop in and speak with one of our experts, who can help guide you and show you samples and swatches first hand.

Please note that while we accurately try to show our pool liner patterns in terms of color and selvage edges, photos are not always exact and may not print correctly. Again, it is highly recommended to visit TLC Pools to see a sample case containing real swatches of these patterns and colors before placing your order. Some patterns may show seams more than others. Ask our liner experts for details.