Salt Water Conversions

AutoPilot —  Perfect Pool Water… at the touch of a button.

It’s amazing what a little salt can do to enhance your swimming experience. You can forget about mixing, measuring, and messing around with harsh liquid or tablet chlorine. You can say goodbye to your vacation worries, itchy skin, red eyes, and heavy chemical odors.  The addition of a salt water pool system from TLC Pools, is gentle on your skin, and provides a naturally relaxing pool environment.  Salt water systems allow the pool to maintain a continual and consistent level of chlorine and are a great option for people who have negative reactions to regular chlorine levels.

Now there’s an easy, environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and cost-effective way to chlorinate your pool. Our selection of salt chlorine generators, replacement salt cells, and related products can keep your pool properly sanitized and safe for swimming. Salt won’t wear out or evaporate; it’s used over and over again.    An operational and efficient salt water pool system should be enjoyed for decades. High quality products and experienced installation technicians are the essential. TLC Pools professionals work with you to install the most efficient and most affordable salt water systems. In addition, the salt water is not as damaging to your pool liner, stairs, ladders and filtration system. Each salt system install is based on the expectations, specific budget and needs of our customers.  Call or stop in to speak with one TLC Pools Salt Conversion experts.

Day-in and day-out, you have fresh, pure chlorine introduced evenly throughout your swimming pool. Salt-chlorinated water is perfect for plaster, pebble, vinyl and fiberglass pools.